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EBHS Class of 2007 10 Year Reunion$ 30.00
Drink Tickets, Apps, and Throwback Hits
When:12/02/2017 7:00 pm
Where:Barrett's Alehouse West Bridgewater
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Guest Purchased Tickets
David Field
Joe Hurley
Carol Ann Sheehey
Mike Walsh
Mike Lennon
Lisa Tamoosh
James Belcher
Quins Medaglia
Crystal Ashburn
Christian Buddha (Boudreau)
Christopher Burns
Rachel Colburn
Kevin Conrad
Lauren Conrad
Shelby Craig
Russell Fernandes
Paul Francis Larkin III
Paul Garabedian
Jason Johnson
Julia Kahaiyan
Steve Marshall
Gina Pendleton
Stephanie Pendleton
Kate Realini
Thomas Rollins
John Sullivan
Chris Trask
Gina DeMaio (Trask)
Tayler Voegtlin
Patrick Horrigan
Anthony Poliatti
Sarah Mallett (Poliatti)
Angela Atwood
Kimberly Campbell
Daryn Center
Meghan Dupras
Joe Reale
Kyle Stetler
Lindsay Egan
Dean DeBenedictis
Amanda Peters
Daniel Batchelder
Nicole Heath (Batchelder)
Kirsten Darragh
Christopher Biggins
Jessica Valla
Elizabeth D'Angelo
Mark D'Angelo
Chris Lessa
Kelly Rogers (Lessa)
Jonathan Wielhouwer
Kelsey Hacker (Wielhouwer)
Courtney Schatzl
Andrew Votsis
Total 54